MARK ARCHER - from businessman to showman ... read about the fun, the fear, the heartbreak, the help, the creativity and the collaboration, and making the music. Download your FREE copy now!

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Ch 1      The Challenge

Ch 2      How it all started

Ch 3      Partners of Song

Ch 4      Facing Fear in Performance

Ch 5      Stage Fright W'shop: Learning from Snake Davis

Ch 6      Thinking About The Set

Ch 7      Getting a Band Together

Ch 8      Finding a Venue

Ch 9      Refining the Set and Organising Rehearsals

Ch 10    Losing my Voice

Ch 11    Getting Mindful with Colin

Ch 12    1st Band Rehearsal & Nott'ham Ashes Set Tweak

Ch 13    The Knock-out Blow

Ch 14    D-Day

Ch 15    The Verdict

Ch 16    Epilogue and Postscript


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