Mark Archer has co-scripted with Sarah Curwen  "The Devil's Horn", a modern day allegory
of seduction to the Underworld. This complete jukebox musical is now ready for staging.
For further information, to obtain the libretto and hear the full musical score and songs in
this potential smash-hit musical, please contact Mark Archer by phone or email.

The saxophone: an instrument of sensuality, seduction and transcendence. Its conical shape is reminiscent of an animal’s horn - or the Devil’s. To many musicians who play it, it is a vehicle of transportation to an altered state.
In “The Devil’s Horn” the music of the sax enables beings to pass between
Earth and the Underworld, while one particular saxophone, the Devil’s Horn, has come up to earth to play ...

Poster artwork by Marcus Pennington of penningtondesign

Taster clips of "The Devil's Horn" from Acts 1, 2, 3

 Act 3: 9-minute overview

Taster clips of "The Devil's Horn" from Acts 1, 2, 3

 Acts 1& 2 ... 9:02 overview

 Act 3 ... 8:44 overview