Singer, songwriter, author, playwright and lyricist Mark Archer has written a potential smash-hit musical in "Beckham: The Theatre of Dreams". For further information, to obtain the libretto, or to hear the full musical score and songs, please contact Mark Archer by phone or email.

"Beckham: The Theatre of Dreams” is co-written by Mark Archer and James Kick. This musical presents a mythical tale which the audience thinks it already knows, and yet the story reveals a personal journey in which 'truth is stranger than fiction'.
This is an incredible story of hard work, determination, talent and belief, which connects with millions of people across the world. The story and songs present an epic web of love, loyalty, betrayal, victory, defeat, comeback and triumph, all set within the framework of a modern rock opera. Songs and music by Mark Archer.

Poster artwork by Marcus Pennington of penningtondesign

 Act 1: 90 second overview

 Act 2: 300 second overview

Taster clips from Act 1 in 90 seconds & Act 2 in 300 seconds.