From the pen of AM Archer


Why a Bird Sings

Mirror in the Man


I Love Living Life With You: co-written with Gypie Mayo, this uplifting song has a summer sunshine vibe extolling the joy of spending life with the partner you always dreamed of being with.
Lady When You Smile - written by Marc Archer for his wife-to-be & sung at their wedding reception. A love song of a man to a woman, or woman to woman, this track was recorded with a live orchestra.
Colour Me Beautiful  is a classic by Marc Archer & this particular take was recorded with a hispanic twist as the finale track for David Beckham - The Theatre Of Dreams the Musical.
Mirror in the Man - another undiscovered pop song by Marc Archer with the trademarks of a classic. Glorious verses & strong chorus, with one of the great middle 8 bridges of all time!