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Pick the fruit from my tree...

his musical tree has many branches. 

AM Archer is a songwriter and composer who is finally presenting his extensive portfolio of quality songs and instrumentals to fellow musicians, recording artists and film producers.

His creative style crosses a wide range of radio-friendly, commercial genres, but primarily he writes ballads and anthemic songs

as well as  ‘Arch’rageous' as his alter ego - the madcap genius who creates sassy satires and football anthems.

Somewhere in between AM Archer, the classic song writer, and his extroverted Arch’rageous character, is the music-writing saxophonist. He is also currently writing Deep House tracks with Maison Sax and Binkies as well reggae with R’Osca and The Bumbafarians.

As a world class professional alto tenor and soprano saxophonist, AM Archer has also composed a number of inspired  instrumentals, full of soul, tone and melody, creating perfect aural soundtracks.

His prolific output over the past 30 years reflects his deep love and obsession to the art of songwriting and composing  - and has worked with high-calibre collaborators over those decades including the great Gypie Mayo. 


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